Experimental setup and configuration


The complete eNMR package contains:

  • eNMR interface and pulse generator with embedded high voltage amplifier
  • Designated high voltage output (HVO) cable including an embedded filter box, custom length***
  • Standard bore NMR holder for 5 mm sample diameter with its embedded filter***
  • 1 set of palladium electrodes in a glass capillary, for 5 mm samples.
  • Test sample (10 mM TMABr in D2O) for installation and performance tests
  • Double stimulated echo eNMR pulse programs
  • User guide and installation manual
  • Test sequence generator and dummy load

Requirements to run the instrument at your lab:

  • Standard bore magnet*
  • Conventional 5 mm probe(s) with gradient capability for the desired nuclei*
  • 2 external trigger lines with output under pulse program control**


*Setups for wide bore magnets and/or 10 mm probes are available as options.

**Bruker trigger outputs are available either from a Burndy connector (rear panel for DMX, DRX) or from a TCU or IPSO unit (front panel for AVANCE I, II, or higher)

***For resonance frequencies 50 MHz and higher.