Electrophoretic NMR assembly.

Extending the capability of conventional NMR instruments

Key features

  1. Well-established scientific background and proven technology
  2. Operates as add-on with any conventional NMR spectrometer and gradient-capable probe; requires no additional hardware or software
  3. Advanced sample cell and RF filter system
  4. Straightforward embedding of voltage pulses in conventional NMR pulse programs, ready-made pulse programs
  5. Probe and user protection system

Selected applications

  • eNMR 2D mobility measurements (MOSY) for analytical applications - analysis of components 
  • Physical chemistry – ion pairing and association in simple and complex (polyelectrolytes) ionic mixtures. 
  • Batteries and fuel cells  - chemically selective measurement of ionic migration.
  • Biochemistry – biomolecular charge and association.
  • Analytical chemistry – electrophoretic analysis of complex ionic mixtures
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry – release and association of charged drugs
  • Metallorganic chemistry – the structure of supramolecular complexes from the observed charge