Repair center of NMR probes

We offer professional and quick repair of any NMR probes (see Liquid probes and ATMA system, Diffusion and MAS probes ). Our long experience helps us to locate the actual source of your problem and distinguish between faults that arise either in console hardware or in the setup of the experiment or in actual probe malfunction. We provide a quick inspection and a price estimate that are free of charge except for eventual shipping costs. Additional information is available upon request.

We have access to all necessary test equipment to assess the RF performance of involved components. We also have access to 300, 400, and 500 MHz NMR spectrometers to test and validate performance.

Typical services provided

Arcing problem; bad sensitivity and RF tuning/matching

Repair starts with careful inspection of all RF components and coils and concludes with replacing faulty components. All used materials have been tested for being non-magnetic and providing no background signal.

Hint: Other possible factors in low NMR signal: low receiver gain at the preamplifier, incorrect sample position, bad shimming, unblanked gradient amplifier, faulty settings for decoupling (or even a frozen sample due to incorrectly set temperature).



Repairing certain gradient coils in diffusion and high-resolution probes

Depending on coil construction, we rewind or substitute either the whole coil or the active shielding section

Repair of RF coils, replacing  broken glass and ceramics in the probe body

Broken RF coils destroy probe’s functionally; broken parts in the probe body disturb airflow patterns and increase temperature gradients over the sample. They may also cause pure shimming, mechanical vibrations, and electric arcing. We always use NMR grade glass and ceramics and test all probe parameters after repair. Substitution of fault-prone glass components in probes by corresponding well-proven and custom-made Kel-F or quartz pieces is available upon request.

Repair of MAS probe; arcing and spinning problem

Sample crashes due to a lost cap or sudden loss of air pressure may seriously damage a MAS probe. We have provided extensive repair of both damaged mechanical (stator) and RF parts.

Repair of probe accessories for temperature control

Heaters and thermocouples are very often broken. We fixed many times both heater, sensor, and mechanical damages.