About us


P&L Scientific I.S. was established in 2006 with the then primary aim to support the Industrial NMR Centre located at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. The company relies on scientists with a strong background in NMR, electronics and mechanical engineering. Two of us have a Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry. 

In collaboration with the Industrial NMR Centre, we have established and developed a unique and robust way of investigating electrokinetic phenomena, such as electrophoresis or electroosmosis using conventional NMR spectrometers. Our designed electrophoretic NMR assembly provides a turn-key solution for most conventional NMR spectrometers.

Our company has also designed stopped-flow probe inserts to work as add-ons to NMR spectrometers and a few other customized hardware for novel NMR experiments.  

We repaired and brought to operation a lot of various NMR probes and NMR spectrometer components for customers located in Scandinavia, the USA, the UK, Australia and other parts of the world.